Struggling to Prove that Your Car Rental Service is Better Than Competitors?

Facebook Marketing for Car Rentals Can Help!

Building a distinct identity for a car rental business is tough when you have strong competitors around. But Facebook ads for car rentals can help.

Most Car Rentals Suffer from These Terrible Issues

If you are a car rental service, we are sure that you would be suffering from.

How Facebook Advertising for Car Rentals Can Resolve the Issues?

There are a few ways Facebook advertising company for car rentals can help.

Benefits of Facebook Advertisements for Car Rentals in Pakistan

Car rentals, dealerships, and salesmanship are very lucrative businesses in Pakistan, especially if you are the oldest company around. But if you are a new company, you must need to struggle to prove that you are also a reliable, trustworthy, and excellent service provider. Facebook ads can help you do so easily. With Facebook ads, you can simply obtain a bunch of relevant leads every day, increase traffic and engagement, and earn 10x more revenue in just 2-3 months.

Above all, Facebook ads are very affordable. You can adjust the budget based on your needs.

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What We do with Your Account to Deliver Excellence?

Manage Ad Spending

We manage your ad spending amount and focus to deliver excellent returns on investment.

Target Right Audience

Targeting the right audience based on their interests and excluding irrelevant people from the list is our priority.

Goal Setup

Establish your goals and determine what you want to achieve from leads, conversions, or traffic.

Setup Remarketing

Target people who previously visited your website and remind them about your car rental service.

Creative Ads

Create creative ads for your car rental company so we can grab maximum attention.

Pixel Integration

Follow pixel implementation for verifying whether the Facebook pixels are correct for tracking.

Split Testing

After testing & experimentation, we find out which ads are performing well and engaging audiences.

Setup Chatbots

Execute chatbots for clearing queries, answering questions, and other duties.

Choose Your Objective and Select an Ad Option that Suits Best!

First, choose your objective and then select the ad type that aligns best with your goals

Increase Phone Calls
Increase Conversions
Generate Leads
Boost Traffic
Build New Audience
Target Existing Audience

Let’s determine the objective first and select what option works well

Photo Ads

We run photo ads by including a proper image, a strong call to action, and a link to the website.

Carousel Ads

Display engaging images in form of “cards”. Every image tells a different story about your brand.

Slideshow Ads

Create a story for your audience in form of a slideshow and make it engaging with music, text, and other things.

Video Ads

Launch video ads for brand awareness and show how your car rental is better than others.

Instant Experience Ads

Create instant experience ads for giving an overview of your services which can be opened instantly.

Collection ads

Provide a window-shopping-like experience with carousel ads so your customers can decide before renting a car.

Why Choose us for Facebook Promotions for Car Rentals?

We ensure guaranteed results

We have qualified ad specialists

Our rates are affordable

Our rates are affordable

We have 14 years of experience

We have a 100% satisfied client base

4- Step Process for Running Facebook Ads for Car Rental Companies

Connect with us

Call our specialists and discuss your needs

Get a proposal

Get your proposal and have a complete review of our services

Create a package

Let us create a custom package based on your needs

Run your first ad

Experts will run your first car rentals ads within a day

Don’t Believe in our words?

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“Unbelievable results. I’ll definitely hire again.”
Usman Khalid
“Outstanding company and brilliant team. Highly recommended.”
Faizan Ali
“Excellent lead generation in only 2 months. Very impressive.”
Syed Bashir
“Great system for reporting and handling clients.”
Shakir Sultan

There is Nothing Worse Than an Empty Booking Diary in Car Rental Industry. Let’s Fill it to the Last Page with Facebook Marketing Company!

Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook ads and Google ads are different in their own ways. Google targets people based on their search queries and demographics.

While Facebook ads target people based on their interests and preferences on the profile. For example, things they like every day, interests they added to their lists, and demographics.

There are different options given by Facebook. You can choose them based on your requirement. For example, if you are focused on traffic and engagement, you can choose them. If you want conversions, you can prefer them based on your needs.

It’s up to you. if the ad has reached its potential targets and sales score, then it’s good to pause or even quit. But if you haven’t achieved your goals yet, then you can continue running ads for 3-4 weeks.

Yes. You can get really fast results with car rental Facebook ads. As soon as we launch your first ad, you start getting efficient leads. However, it takes 4-5 months for streamlined leads and sales.

We would recommend a small amount at the start like $4-$5 per day. After that, you can gradually increase the amount based on your requirements.

Yes. our team is certified, and qualified, and has received various training and certifications. This makes us an ideal choice for your car rental company.

That doesn’t happen when you hire our team because we have tons of experience in running result-oriented ads. In case, your ad is not giving desired leads, then we make certain tweaks to ensure positive results or modify different things for better performance.

Yes, why not? That’s our specialty in fact. We always keep our clients in the loop and update them about their performance, metrics, and other things. Also, we value your suggestions. If you want to give an opinion about anything, we implement that respectfully.

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